32 Lessons from 32 Years of Living

32 years old, wow! I am 32! I remember being a kid and my mom being this age and thinking my mom was old. The journey to 32 has been full of many ups and downs. At 32, everyone around me is either married, engaged, pregnant, or has kids. Then there is me… the aunt of 4 that finds peace in traveling the world, photography, and fitness.

31 and 32 presented some of the most uncomfortable growing pains I ever experienced. During this time I learned so much about myself and life. As this year draws to an end and 33 staring me in my face, I am focusing on loving, expanding, and sharing.

  1. Learn to love the journey
  2. Do what makes you happy
  3. Think before you speak or react
  4. Happiness is a state of mind
  5. Allow love to find you, don’t run!
  6. Be spontaneous
  7. Buy the ticket, the dress, the shoes, etc
  8. Protect your peace; at all cost
  9. Don’t compare yourself to other; especially on social media
  10. Live authentically
  11. Ask questions
  12. Eat right
  13. Stay positive
  14. Keep in touch with family and friends
  15. Find a way to stay active
  16. Express your emotions
  17. Invest in your dreams
  18. Pursue your passions
  19. Learn to listen, even when it hurts
  20. Let go of the past
  21. Live below your means
  22. Failure is good
  23. Your aren’t always right
  24. Change is scary, but good
  25. Gratitude is the key to happiness
  26. Self honesty is freedom
  27. Worry is worthless
  28. Your gut is always right
  29. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  30. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  31. Be present
  32. It is NEVER too late! Whatever you desire to do in life, do it now. 

Published by becominglu

I am on a journey of intentional living.

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