24 Hours in Istanbul, Turkey

What do you do when you have an extended layover? Me? I get out and explore. We stopped off in Istanbul on our way to Spain and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what Turkey had to offer!

Turkish Airlines provided a complimentary hotel stay due to our 24 hour layover. We arrived in Turkey around 5pm, nice hotel and nice view of the city.

You can’t come to Turkey and not see Salt Bae, right? We made reservations at Nurs Et – yes, reservations are needed! The wait is bananas even with one. However, this was the BEST experience I ever had at a restaurant. The owner made us feel so welcomed and appreciated. Definitely 10/10 – recommend!

The prices were very reasonable and everything we ordered was delicious! My favorite thing on the menu was the baklava, which was delivered to our table for FREE. Make sure you get it with ice cream!

After our bellies were full and satisfied – it was time to get out and see what the nightlife had to offer! First stop was MOSS Lounge. The lounge had a cute entry, second level, and a very cool rooftop restaurant. On cool nights, the restaurants offers blankets and heaters.

The rooftop offered entertainment, hookah, and very nice views of the city. Not to mention some of the best hot chocolate.

Lastly, we decided to walk the area near Moss Lounge and found some nice photo ops and views. If you find yourself in Istanbul Turkey for 24 hours, how would you spend it?

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