My First Ski Trip Breckenridge, Colorado .

One day we are in the gym and my cousin says, “Flights to Denver are only $60 round trip, we should go!” Next thing you know, we are on a flight to Denver in February! It’s 14 black people, on a flight to Denver… to ski! Hmmm! Lol! Here we go.
We rented this beautiful house that seems a bit rustic on the outside but, on the inside was complete luxury. There was 3 stories, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a game room, hot tub, and all the essentials needed for some good ol’ fashion fun in the snow.
First time skiing
We rented our ski clothing from and it was a very affordable and smart decision. The company dropped the clothing off at our house and picked it back up when we were done. The jacket, pants, gloves, and goggles were only around $30 a day. Trust me, it is WORTH IT! We rented the ski boots, sticks, and skis at the resort.
The “Pizza” will save your life on the slopes, lol
We attended “Ski School” to learn the basics before hitting the slopes alone. There was a lot of gliding and falling. The snow was very soft, so thankfully we were not aching the next day.
Snowmobiling was one of the highlights of our time in Breck. Although, I may or may not have fallen off the snowmobile in a tight curve.
The Gang
Prior to heading out on the route the instructors take you through a brief training to ensure everyone is comfortable. There are some tight curves and pretty steep climbs to the top of the mountain.
Views from the Top
Once we made it to the top we were allowed to look around and pose for several photos. The views were truly breathtaking.
Dogsledding was offered at the same location of the snowmobiles, but were sold out when we tried to book. I would suggest booking all excursions in advance as they fill up quickly. Planning is essential if you are anticipating large group.
Not as adventurous as others? Try tubing! Tubing was low impact fun that a big or small group can enjoy. Although it didn’t require much, it packed a big punch! The instructors allowed you to go down as a single, group, or ever race one another.
The most stressful fun ever!
At night we enjoyed a few local lounges, however the Escape Room proved to be the most stressful. 10 people working to figure out how to Escape the cabin before the avalanche hits. Of course we made it out!
If you are looking for good free fun, then step right outside your door and enjoy nature. We played in the snow, had snowball fights, sled down the hills, and just simply enjoyed the views.
That’s all folks!
Breckenridge offers fun for all ages. The views were immaculate, the adventures spoke to the adrenaline junky in me, and my tribe, well I wouldn’t trade them for the world!
  • Drink plenty of water before your trip and during and pack headache medicine. The altitude can cause dehydration and headaches so it is advised. (Keep alcohol to a minimum and utilize Oxygen bars or rentals to help adjust – altitude sickness is no joke!)
  • If you have never hit the slopes before, ski school is needed.
  • You can Uber/Lyft or utilize “Breck Free Ride” bus system to any area. A rental car is not needed
  • HAVE FUN!!!

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8 thoughts on “My First Ski Trip Breckenridge, Colorado .

  1. Wow, you guys really made the most of your trip! I live here and I’ve never tried snowmobiling, dog sledding or the escape room lol! Great post, I love seeing people have a great time out here.


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