Sky-walking Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China

On our way to Thailand, we decided we would make a quick stop in Shanghai, China. We made it Shanghai around 10pm that night, so we knew we wouldn’t have much time and needed to decide what was most important to us to experience. The next morning we exchanged our money and took the subway into the city.

I would advise to exchange your money at the airport the rate is free as opposed to the city. The transit was about $3USD. The 1 Chinese Yuan converts to $0.15 USD.

We quickly realized that just as fascinated as we were about the sites, the people were just as amazed by us. Everywhere we went people were taking videos, pictures, or just staring. Let’s say, I would never want to be famous. Cause’ although it was flattering we couldn’t do anything without a flick of people watching and recording our every move.

The City

Once we arrived in the city, we decided we would do the typical tourist things and sightsee and it was beautiful. Although it was beautiful the air quality in Shanghai is awful. We seen several people walking around with mask over their mouths to protect themselves as much as possible.

This picture was taken around 2pm. It was a very sunny day, although the pollution made it seem as though it was cloudy.

1,380 Feet Tall (29th tallest building in the World)

We decided that for $18 USD we would walk on a glass ledge 1,115 feet, 88 floors above ground with no handrails. It is said to be the world’s highest walkway without rails only a harness. It’s glass ledge adds to the intensity.

My adrenaline was rushing! The pollution is awful even at this level.

We did it and it was one of the most liberating experiences. It’s something about being on that ledge that made you feel free.

We received a picture and medal for completing the entire experience

Not many people can say they have walked on the sky walked 88 floors high with no handrails… but WE DID IT!!

A few pictures from inside the tower below.

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